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Wichard Stainlees
Folding Padeye

Wichard 6605 & SP6605
Many boat builders now select the Wichard padeyes for point of both permanent and intermittent tether attachment. This is drop forged for maximum strength. Since it folds down, the angle of applied load is always favorable and therefore they will not bend. The crew likes them because they fold down out of the way and the silicone pad beneath the "D" ring prevents noise and vibrations.

Diagram"A": 59 mm
"B": 35 mm
"C": 17 mm
Dia. "D": 8 mm / 5/16"
Dia. "d": 8.5 mm
Funct. 3000 Kg / 6600 lbs.
Break load 4500 Kg / 10000 lbs.

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NOW includes the backing plate (not sold separately)

Wichard Stainless Folding Padeye
#SW6605 List Price $73.95Only $49.95

Steel Backing PlateSteel Backing Plate
made of Stainless Steel, for use with the Wichard Padeye (#SW6505)

(not sold separately)