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Inflatable Buoyant Apparatuses
Valise Packed

The Survitec Survival Products (SSP) ShoreMaster IBA, the Elliot, the SurvitecZodiac, and the Crewsaver Inflatable Buoyant Apparatuses (IBAs) offer double buoyancy chambers which are constructed from specially formulated polyurethane (PU) proofed nylon fabric, which is highly resistant to abrasion and impervious to corrosion in the marine environment. Welded seams make this raft impervious to wear and tear.
Survitec Inflatable Buoyant Apparatuses Datasheet (.pdf)

Brand Valise Capacity Product SKU #
SSP ShoreMaster 4 Person 700006008
Elliot 4 Person 700006005
SurvitecZodiac 4 Person 700006019
Crewsaver 4 Person 700006004
SSP ShoreMaster 6 Person 700005908
Elliot 6 Person 700005905
SurvitecZodiac 6 Person 700005919
Crewsaver 6 Person 700005904
SSP ShoreMaster 8 Person 700005808
Elliot 8 Person 700005805
SurvitecZodiac 8 Person 700005819
Crewsaver 8 Person 700005804

IBA Standard Equipment Pack (all brands): Compact Paddles, Safety Knife, Heaving Line, Rescue Quoit, Extra Batteries / Bulbs, Anti-Seasick Tablets, Emergency Instructions, Bailer, Hand Pump, 2 Sponges, Repair Kit, Flashlight, Sea Anchor, 2 PRV Bungs, Signal Mirror

Survitec Inflatable Buoyant Apparatuses - Valise Packed
#Survitec-IBA-Valise $2,500.00
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