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Cyalume 6" SnapLight
Glow Light Stick

Landfall Navigation® believes you should always have Cyalume SnapLight 6" Glow Light Sticks (formerly OmniGlow) onboard in your abandon ship bag.

  • emergency signalingThe 8 hour duration White is great for working in close quarters or conditions where a conventional light source may cause explosion &/or power is not available. (9-08098/9-08016/9-08006)
  • The 12 hour duration Red is best for emergency signaling. Tie it to a lanyard and swing it in circles over your head, you can't be missed. (9-08078/9-08012/9-08002)
  • The 12 hour duration Green can be used in combination with the red to simulate running lights, but it is widely used as fishing tackle. (9-08076/9-08011/9-08001)

  • Cyalume SnapLight Glow Light Stick
    #STICK-- $1.95

    Cyalume SnapLight Glow Light Stick - 24 PackCyalume SnapLight Glow Light Stick - 24 Pack
    Keep these in you abandon ship bag, glove box and anywhere handy for emergencies.

    #STICKS List Price $46.80Only $39.95
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