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Stay Afloat
Instant Water Leak
Plug & Sealant

Stay Afloat Emergency Sealant is a unique emergency putty which can be easily molded in your hands and inserted into a leak, crack or hole to instantly stop leaks and prevent any further water ingress during an emergency or damage control situation.

Stay Afloat is non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.

Stay Afloat is super-adhesive and will stick to most surfaces (wet or submerged in water) to give a watertight temporary plug.

Stay Afloat is applied by hand, and requires no mixing, measuring or curing time. 28 oz. (794g) tub.

Stay Afloat Sealant 28 oz.
#SAF328 $24.95

Damage Control
Damage Control

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