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McMurdo Pains Wessex
Day & Night
Mk8 Distress Signal

Day/Night 30-55970 (was Day/Night 55960)
A very compact personal survival signal incorporating a red flare at one end (for use at night), and a dense orange smoke at the other (for day-light). The flare end is ribbed to aid identification at night, and both ends are fully waterproof with 'O' ring seals. Either end can be fired independently and the signal can be doused in water after firing, allowing the unused end to be stowed until required. Mk8 Specs: 5.25" H X 1.625" Dia. Weight 8.3 Oz.
  • Combined smoke and flare personal survival signal
  • For day and night use
  • Waterproof to 30 m
  • Ideal for Divers
  • Burn time, red flare 20 seconds at 10,000 smoke 18 seconds minimum

  • Certificate Of Conformance (COC) / Trace Documentation available upon request only

    Day & Night Distress Signal Flare
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