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Forespar 300-H
Railfast Buoy Holder

Forespar Part No: 156001 for 1" Rail
Forespar Part No: 156021 for 1.25" Rail
The Forespar Railfast horseshoe mounting bracket has a variety of safety equipment uses. The electro polished stainless steel bracket is bent precisely so it will hold a standard CH-5 horseshoe buoy securely without the need of a retaining strap, speeding deployment in case of emergency.

All Railfast system parts are corrosion -proof nylon and stainless steel. An assembly tool and all necessary hardware is included. It installs in minutes on any 1.01" to 1.25" (156021) or 7/8" to 1.0" (156001) diameter railing and requires no drilling. Unfortunately it is not available for other railing sizes.

Forespar Railfast Buoy Holder
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