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Coastal Commander 2.0
6 Person Life Raft

45-COASTCO2-6C Container
45-COASTCO2-6V Valise
(formerly the Coastal Cruiser)

The Coastal Commander 6 person buoyant apparatus is Revere Survival Product’s answer to the safety conscious boater on a budget. The raft is constructed with rugged oversized double tubes and a bright orange closed canopy with retro-reflective tape for increased night vision for search and rescue. Deep Water Ballast bags are fitted at each corner of the raft to improve it’s stability in rough sea conditions until search and rescue arrive.
Revere Coastal Commander (.pdf)

Also included in the raft are a boarding ladder, righting straps, and safety lifelines. Equipment pack contains 3 Red Hand Flares SOLAS • 1 Red Parachute Flare SOLAS • Bailer • Signal Mirror • Water Tight Flashlight • Extra Flashlight Batteries • Floating Knife • Rescue Throwing Quoit • Sponges • Paddles • Seasick Tablets • Repair Kit and more.

Valise: Weight 65 lbs. 27" L x 17.5" W x 10.5" H
Container: Weight 78 lbs. 30.5" L x 21.5" W x 13.5" H
RFD Revere Coastal Commander 6
• Rugged Oversized Double Tubes
• Automatic Inflatable Canopy
• Boarding ladder, righting strap and safety lifelines
• Sophisticated Equipment pack including SOLAS pyrotechnics, Signal Mirror, Boiler, Flashlight, Knife, Rescue Ring, Sponges, Paddles, Seasick Tablets, Repair Kit and more!
• Training video with footage to help you and your crew prepare for use in an emergency situation
• Vacuum packed to add greater protection against environment and minimize servicie costs
Service required just once every three years
• 12 Year Limited Warranty

Container Cradle & Hydrostatic Release Sold Separately

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Revere Coastal Commander 6 Life Raft
#SRCC6- $1,425.00
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Revere Cradle & Hydro ReleaseRevere Cradle & Hydro Release
Life raft cradle with White Powder Coated Aluminum Finish and Hydrostatic Release unit.

Cradle compatible with the Coastal Commander
Offshore Commander Offshore Elite and Coastal Elite.

Revere Cradle & Hydro Release
#SR-UC List Price $500.00Only $449.00
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