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Speed Line 250

Speedline Complete 50100
Speedline Body Only 50030
Speedline Rocket Only 50050
Speedline Stiker Only 50060
The Pains Wessex Speedline 250 is a self-contained line throwing unit for ship to ship or ship to shore rescue. It consists of
  • the rocket,
  • striker
  • a weatherproof plastic casing with end caps; incorporating the handle and trigger assembly and housing
  • and 275m of ready flaked line.

  • a Full pictorial instructions are on both sides of the unit. Four units (each sold separately) are normally required on some vessels and can be dispersed in strategic positions throughout the vessel.

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Check out the Pains Wessex Linethrower 250




    Projects a line to a nominal range of 820 ft in calm conditions








    8.6 lbs.

    Explosive content

    6 oz.


    CONFORMS TO SOLAS 74/83 Amendments. DOT/MSA (UK) Approved. USCG Approval No. 160.040/10/0

    Speedline 250 is designed as a self-contained unit ideally stored in a water resistant locker allowing easy access in an emergency. Speedline 250 must be stored in an upright position with the arrows on the handle pointing upwards and the safety pin fitted. Speedline 250 is designed for ease of operation in the most extreme weather conditions. It can be used in all situations where a line is required to be passed accurately and quickly.

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    Pains Wessex Speed Line Thrower 250

    Rocket Only (50050)Rocket Only (50050)Product Code: 50050

    Description: Replacement Rocket for Speedline 250

    Application: Linethrowing rocket used to project a 4mm diameter line 250m in calm conditions once installed into Speedline 250 body and line along with the striker. Used to pass a line from ship to ship ship to shore across rugged terrain and to swimmers in distress. 4 units normally carried onboard vessels.

    Product Specification: Projects a 4mm diameter line 250m in calm conditions
    Rocket Weight: 750g

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Check out the Pains Wessex Linethrower 250