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Category I Automatically Deployable

FREE Abandonship Bag Purchase a Precision 406 EPIRB and receive a free McMurdo/Pains Wessex SOS Grab Bag 82-504A The McMurdo / Pains Wessex Safety Systems SOS Precision 406 GPS / EPIRB (sometimes called a GPIRB) features and integral 12 channel parallel GPS receiver to provide and almost instant alert to the rescue services along with your location to within 30 meters. The benefit of the internal GPS is that the position information is continually updated providing an accurate position even when the EPIRB has been activated and is floating at sea. The P&W SOS Precision 406 GPS / EPIRB is designed specifically to meet the needs of commercial shipping and leisure boaters. The 406 GPS EPIRB is fully compliant with international legislation and meets Worldwide approval standards.

Using the latest Cospas Sarsat satellite constellation, the Precision provides an instant EPIRB alert to search and rescue services. The vessel's details, together with latitude and longitude bearings, are signalled to rescue services thus avoiding lengthy searches.

  • Built-in state of the art GPS engine
  • No external GPS receiver or interface required
  • Fast position fix, typically less than three minutes from switch-on giving latitude and longitude
  • Position accuracy typically 30m
  • High intensity strobe light to aid position in poor visibility
  • Position up-date throughout beacon operating life (>48 hours at -20 C)
  • GPS antenna mounted inside beacon
  • 121.5 homing frequency for added security
  • Compact and Tough, high impact drop-resistant plastic case designed to withstand exposure to UV rays, oil, and seawater