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Spinlock Tethers

Spinlock’s lightweight tethers are about half the weight and bulk of ordinary lines. Features include an FEA-lightened clip, dry-coated, high-strength, compact 16mm line, and an ISAF-approved overload indicator.

  • New Ultra Compact line version
  • Unique FEA-lightened clip ;easy action, full strength
  • Lightweight looped cow hitch attachment as standard
  • Full strength compact 16mm line 28% lighter than the 25mm standard
  • Dry-Coated to prevent water absorption and reduce weight gain
  • Overload indicator displays when the load has exceeded 500kgs to show the line needs replacing.

  • Spinlock Tether

    Spinlock Race 2-Clip Safety TetherSpinlock Race 2-Clip Safety Tether
    Spinlock Race 2-Clip Safety Tether
    #SDW-STR-02E List Price $109.00Only $79.95

    Spinlock Race 3-Clip Safety TetherSpinlock Race 3-Clip Safety Tether
    Spinlock Race 3-Clip Safety Tether
    #SDW-STR-03 List Price $159.00Only $114.95