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McMurdo / Pains Wessex
Abandon Ship
SOS Grab Bag

SOS Grab Bag 87-300

Designed to withstand the rigors of life at sea and compact enough to fit into a boat's locker, the SOS Grab Bag has been designed to be conspicuous, incorporating the bright yellow and red colors of the Pains Wessex Safety systems range.

Convenient way to hold your safety products and personal items.
Will float
Bright yellow for easy identification

Size: 23.6" high by 11.8" wide
Material: Polyurethane Nylon

McMurdo / Pains Wessex SOS Grab Bag
#SR87300 List Price $45.00Only $34.95

McMurdo Grab BagXL
McMurdo Grab BagXL

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The Grab Bag Book

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