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SOS Dan Buoy
Man-Overboard Marker Gen2

SOS Dan Buoy is a compact, self-contained device, specifically designed to make rescue and recovery a simpler operation. There is no need to set or activate the SOS Dan Buoy – just throw it into the water, towards the person overboard.

Throw the SOS Dan Buoy into the water and within seconds of immersion, it inflates, and stands 2.0 meters above the waterline, highly visible up to 1,700 meters. SOS Dan buoy has webbing loops, allowing the person to put their arms around the marker to help support them when fatigued. This gives extra support and security while awaiting rescue.

Within 7 seconds of submersion the SOS Dan buoy will fully inflate deploying a 6’ high, easily visible, fluorescent green inflated pole. The pole includes, at its top, an automatically triggered strobe light for easy night spotting, reflective strips for search light contact, whistle for sound notification, large drogue to slow wind drift, handholds for the victim to support himself, and 8 foot long streamer, also near the top, which whips in the wind and seaway providing movement recognition against the background. It meets ISAF Offshore Special Regulations 2012 -2013, section 4.22.1b(ii) and is used by many yachts in the hazardous Sydney to Hobart yacht race and used by navies and rescue groups around the world.

SOS Dan Buoy Man-Overboard Marker• Ready-to-go man overboard equipment.
• SOS Dan Buoy is packed into a portable valise-compact, ready for use. Tested to elements of ISO 12402.
• Self-contained disposable CO2 inflation system – the same mechanism as an inflatable lifejacket.
• A large drogue (120cm circumference x 60cm long) to reduce downwind drift. Designed along life raft specifications.
• The SOS Dan Buoy marker allows the person overboard to place their arms through the webbing loops, giving an extra sense of security and stability, especially when fatigued, until help arrives.
• SOS Marine has made every effort to augment visibility. The fluorescent yellow, 2.5 metre streaming ribbon waves back and forth in a breeze, allowing it to be seen up to 1700 metres.
• Fitted with an automatic SOLAS light for night rescues and SOLAS grade high-visibility, retro-reflective tape.
• Easy maintenance and service. Lightweight (weighs 4 kilos) and compact for transport and stowing on all vessels.
• Service Window: provides the added benefit of detecting, at a glance, that the SOS Dan Buoy is set to go. There is also a service reminder inside the flap.
• Reusable and repackable – only requires a 33gram replacement cylinder and an activation cartridge.
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CLASS 9 Life-saving Appliance
• The SOS Dan Buoy has the extra benefit of removing the drogue and attaching an anchor, so it can then be used as a temporary marker for wrecks, channels, and dive or crash sites, at sea.
• SOS Dan Buoy is smaller than a tackle box; extremely beneficial for safety in small boats, like the fisherman’s “tinny”.

SOS Dan Buoy Man-Overboard Marker
#SOSDB List Price $349.00Only $325.00

Dan Hold BracketDan Hold BracketThe Dan Hold is a convenient and functional holder, bracket, and mount for the SOS Dan Buoy MOB marker. It is designed to facilitate the quick deployment of the dan buoy while at the same time offering durability and installation flexibility to the boat owner. It is fabricated from Kydex-T, a high end plastic that is flexible yet very durable and weather- and UV light-resistant.

The material's flexibility is paramount as the two front flanges of the Dan Hold permit unimpeded withdrawal in an emergency deployment when every second is critical. The Dan Hold comes with four pre-drilled 3/16'' clearance holes to offer simple, easy bulkhead attachment or rail / stanchion / pulpit mounting (using brackets not included). Adaptable to a wide variety of mounting options, Kydex can be easily drilled so that alignment with other attachment strong points is easy.

#SOSDH $55.00

Danbuoy UML Pro Sensor Rearm - Gen2Danbuoy UML Pro Sensor Rearm - Gen2These kits recharge not only the dan buoy but also inflatable life jackets with UML Pro Sensor.

#SOSDR-UML $29.95

Recharge Kit - Gen1Recharge Kit - Gen1This kit includes: (1) 33 gram CO₂ cylinder, (1) green plastic clip, and (1) replacement dissolving pill bobbin.

These are the parts you need to get your dan buoy ready for its next use, after you have deployed it in training or rescue. These parts may also be used to service many inflatable life jackets with Halkey-Roberts V90000 / Alpha Inflator® inflation mechanisms. Using the parts in this kit, servicing your SOS Marine dan buoy is recommended every third year whether or not you have deployed it.


SOS Dan Buoy PRO ELITE Re-arm KitSOS Dan Buoy PRO ELITE Re-arm KitThe SOS Dan Buoy Pro Elite Re-Arm Kit comes with the following:
  • (1)-One 33g CO2 Cylinder
  • (1)-One "Pro Elite" Sensor Actuator - Gray


SOS Dan Buoy PRO Re-Arm KitSOS Dan Buoy PRO Re-Arm KitThe SOS Dan Buoy Pro Re-Arm Kit comes with the following:
  • (1)-One 33g CO2 Cylinder
  • (1)-One "Pro" Sensor Actuator - Black

#SOSDR-PRO $29.95

Rail Mount BagRail Mount BagThis low maintenance flexible PVC plastic holder is engineered to hold your SOS Marine dan buoy. It can be bulkhead mounted or rail / stanchion mounted with the included rail mount kit or a common third-party mounting kit.

Mount on Bulkhead Bulkhead mounting is a great choice if your vessel’s circumstances permit. Mount the dan buoy where it is easily accessible on a moment's notice when you need to throw the dan buoy to a man overboard. On a pilothouse motor yacht, this might be just inside the wheelhouse. On a commercial fishing boat, you might locate the Dan Bag on the aft end of the house in the cockpit area. You are welcome to contact us to discuss your mounting plans.

Mount on Railing If stanchion, pulpit, or rail mounting suits your vessel better, use the included rail mount kit. Alternatively, you can use the Lifesling Rail Mount Kit

#SOSDC $55.00