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Weems & Plath SOS Distress Light

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The SOS Distress Light meets USCG night visual distress signal requirements for navigation on coastal waters, the Great Lakes, territorial seas and connected waters up to a point where less than two miles across for recreational boats over 16ft, or smaller boats operating between sunset and sunrise.

When activated the SOS Distress Light flashes the Internationally recognized Morse Code SOS sequence of "... --- ...". This light DOES NOT emit a solid beam, its purpose is to meet The USCG regulations for night visual distress signaling as required for Commercial Fishing vessels operating in the area designated "coastal".

    Package Includes
  • One (1) SOS Distress Light
  • Three (3) C batteries
    --Federal Law Requires Annual Battery Replacement
  • One (1) US Coast Guard-Compliant Orange Distress Flag
    --36" x 36" Orange Flag with black square and black circle pattern
While this device is ideally suited as a night-time visual distress signal, we believe that this is an adjunct to and not a replacement for pyrotechnic flares.

Weems & Plath SOS Distress Light
#SOSC1001 $99.95

  • Features
  • Product Notes
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  • Only USCG Approved Alternative to Pyrotechnic Marine Flares and Flare Guns
  • Flashes ONLY the SOS light sequence
  • Visible up to 10 nautical miles
  • Waterproof & submersible
  • Floats, lens-up to optimize all-around horizontal & vertical light beams
  • One Time Purchase: No Expiration Date or Disposal Required
  • No toxic chemical compounds or burning waste
  • Family and boat SAFE no flame!
  • SIMPLE twist-on operation
  • Easy to test regularly
  • Can be operated unattended
  • Buoyant and lightweight
  • Versatile: it can be hand-held, tethered, or hoisted aloft
  • The LED light will remain at peak performance for 6 hours
  • Provides Up To 60 hours of illumination on one set of fully charged batteries
  • Battery-operated (3 C-cell Alkaline)
  • Made in U.S.A
  • United States Patent: D784,175

Why We Love This Product

By combining the SOS Distress Light with the Orange Day Distress Signal this one product fulfills the legal requirement for USCG Visual Distress Signal for Boats (46 CFR 160.072).

Can I Replace My Flare Kit With This Light?

Yes, you can pass inspection with this light, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea to get rid of your flares.

While it is true that the SOS Distress Light is the only LED Visual Distress Signal Device that meets U.S. Coast Guard requirements for night-time visual distress signaling. Landfall recommends use of this light as an ADDITIONAL tool to work WITH your traditional pyrotechnic flares.

There are many benefits to this product, it is an electronic "flare", it "never" expires, the LED light flashes up to 60 hours, it flashes only the SOS sequence, it is visible up to 10 nautical miles, it's USCG approved, and when combined with a daytime distress signal flag (included in package), and it meets ALL USCG Federal Requirements for DAY and NIGHT use. However it is just another tool to assist you in a rescue situation. Just because we know how to swim, doesn't mean we forego life vests.

So while this device is ideally suited as a night-time visual distress signal, we believe that this is an adjunct to and not a replacement for pyrotechnic flares.