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Parachute Flares

The SOLAS parachute flare is the most powerful distress flare available. Both white and SOLAS red are impossible to miss at their peak altitude of 1,000 feet. The intense brilliance of the SOLAS red achieves 30,000 candela and a burn time of 40 seconds, to alert others of a distress situation day or night. The white illuminating flare is designed for use in crisis situations involving poor visibility or darkness, to avoid collision by alerting oncoming vessels to your boat’s position, and for search and rescue operations. The white paras have a brightness of 75,000 candela, a burn time of 30 seconds, and max height of 300 meters.

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ORC/A! SOLAS Flare Kits.

Parachute Flares

Parachute Flares SOLAS Red Distress RocketParachute Flares SOLAS Red Distress Rocket
Para Red Rocket MK8A
(formerly Mk3, Mk8)

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Parachute Flares White Illuminating RocketParachute Flares White Illuminating Rocket
Marine Illum Para Rocket

#SCI3402P List Price $80.00Only $69.95
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