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Hand Held Flares

The SOLAS red flare is designed to show location and allow homing, with one-minute burn and 15,000 candela. The white flare for disterss is designed to avoid collision in poor visibility, with a burn time of 40 seconds and 10,000 candela. Each weighs 10 ounces, measures 9 5/8" x 1 3/8" and will not drip molten slag down your arm. Check out our
ORC/A! SOLAS Flare Kits.

Hand Held Flares

Pains Wessex SOLAS Red Handheld FlarePains Wessex SOLAS Red Handheld Flare
Red Mk 8 Handflare
(formerly Mk 7)

#SSHHR List Price $20.00Only $12.95
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Pains Wessex  White Collision Warning FlarePains Wessex White Collision Warning Flare

#SSHHW List Price $20.00Only $12.95
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