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User C-Card

The C-Map User Card is the medium used for transferring saved data (user points, routes, tracks) between chartplotter(s) and your PC Planner NT. The easiest way to look at a user card is to picture it as a floppy disk you would use on a PC. Just like a floppy disk, a user card can be erased and files need to be copied onto the user card to be transferred.

In the PC Planner NT File Manager it is possible to format the user card to ensure that you are starting with a blank slate. In File Manager, click on the C-card icon on the bottom of the right hand side of the screen, and this will tell the PC Planner NT you want to look at the user card. Select the appropriate slot (left/right) from the drop-down menu at the top. In the large white box where the files are listed, right-click and select `Format user card.' This will clear any saved data from the user card.

Copying to and from the User C-card is also done through the File Manager window. In the File Manager window, the left hand side will always show what is saved into the PC Planner NT memory, and on the right hand side you can select between your hard drive, a floppy disk, or a user card by selecting the appropriate icon on the bottom of the screen. The default setting is PC Planner NT memory (left) and PC hard drive installation directory (right). PC Planner NT manages saved data based on what type it is. Everything is first broken down by track, route or mark. Tracks and Routes can be saved as a whole series of data, and the paths will save as well as the waypoints. Marks are further divided by the type of icon that is used; flag, skull and crossbones, x-mark, danger symbol, etc. Also, it's very important to note that you cannot further subdivide each type when you try to save. In other words, if you only want to transfer three wrecks (out of ten) you can't do it, PC Planner NT will save all ten at once, into one Wrecks file.

The arrows in the middle of the File Manager window are used to transfer data in the direction the arrow points. To save to a user card, you would highlight the file on the left, click the right arrow, and a window will pop up asking for a name for the file. To upload from a user card, you would highlight the file on the left, click the left arrow, and the data will be APPENDED to any existing data in the PC Planner NT memory.

C-Map User C-Card
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