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MSD901 - Industrial Immersion Worksuit

After years of research, the world's most advanced marine survival system is now available. The Mustang MSD 901 Breathable Marine System is an evolution in marine survival equipment, that has been built to endure the most extreme operating environment of marine professionals.

The MSD901's 3-layer modular system, with independently removable layers, is functionally integrated to provide superior protection, comfort, and durability unseen before in an immersion work suit.

Mustangs patented, United States Patent No.5267519, Canadian Patent No.2082793, "Breathability System" enhances comfort and reduces heat stress during long or strenuous operations. The adjustable wrist and neck seals (patent pending) provide a level of comfort previously unachieved in a suit providing this degree of protection and performance.

The highly visible outer shell is constructed using a 210-denier nylon, reinforced in high abrasion areas with even more rugged 500-denier Cordura nylon panels. A snap down pillow makes the MSD901 compatible with a variety of marine survival equipment. With the MSD901's modular system, users will realize reduced life-cycle maintenance costs as components can be repaired or replaced individually.

Providing the highest level of protection, comfort and durability in operationally compatible marine survival equipment, the MSD901 is the suit of choice for marine professionals.

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