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Pains Wessex
Search And
Rescue Transponder

S4 SART 10-86-300-001A (86-300-01)
The Pains Wessex / McMurdo S4 RESCUE Search And Rescue Transponder (SART) is a 9 GHz X-band radar transceiver and has been designed for assisting in air / sea ship or survival craft rescue operations in accordance with IMO, GMDSS requirements.
  • USCG & FCC approved
  • Approved to IEC 1097-1
  • Ship or survival craft applications
  • 5 year long life user replaceable battery pack
  • Waterproof to 33' feet (10 metres)
  • Buoyant
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Maintenance free
  • Audio/visual alarm
  • Built-in test facility
  • Integral lanyard
  • Mounting options - internal/external

  • When a radar signal is received from a ship or survival craft, the S4 RESCUE automatically transmits a response signal, which clearly identifies the survival craft on the radar screen by means of 12 in-line dots. Once activated, the S4 RESCUE will remain in standby mode for over 96 hours.

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    CLASS 9 Life-saving Appliance
    Technical specification: Receiver Response: 9.2 to 9.5 GHz, sensitivity better than -50dBm. Transmitter Response: 12 forward and return sweeps through the range 9.2 to 9.5 GHz. Nominal sweep times: 7.5us forward and 0.4us return. Minimum Recovery time following excitation: less than 10us. Response reply to receiver signal: less than 0.5ms. Radiated Power: Not less than 400mW (+26dBm) Duration of Operation: 96 hours in standby condition followed by a minimum 8 hours of transmission while being continuously interrogated with a pulse-repetition frequency of 1kHz. Temperature Range: -20C to +55C operational -30C to 65C storage

    Antenna Characteristics: Vertical beam-width: at least +/-12.5 degree relative to the horizontal plane of the radar transponder to +/-2dB. Azimuthal beam-width :omnidirectional to +/-2dB Effective Antenna Height: 1 metre or greater. Weight: 360g (without Mast or Bracket) Dimensions: 264mm long x 90mm diameter

    McMurdo S4 Rescue SART
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