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Smart Wool Socks

This sock has ample cushioning for extended trips but is not so bulky that it's out of the question for day to day. Looking beyond the cushioning, the SmartWool fibers play a major role in the comfort experience. These fibers are extremely small, with a diameter much smaller than a human hair. This makes for a very soft sock, a feeling that is very inviting to the feet the moment you slip them on. The SmartWool fibers also move moisture at a phenomenal rate, wicking away perspiration vapor before it has a chance to turn to a liquid. Another important comfort advantage of the sock is the supportive arch brace. This brace feels much like a terry cloth wristband, wrapping around the mid-foot area to hold the sock in place and support the foot. Fabric content: 70% wool, 29% nylon, 1% spandex