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Smartfind M10 AIS
Class B Transponder

21-200-001A / 21-200-002A
The McMurdo Smartfind M10 AIS Class B Transponder, part of McMurdo’s new range of innovative AIS products, is perfect for smaller non SOLAS vessels, where the complexity of a Class A Transponder is not necessary. It transmits vessel position information as well as receiving all AIS targets within 20 miles of the boat, typical. Using the built-in GPS receiver, the Smartfind M10 determines position, speed and course, and once this is combined with other navigational information, it is automatically transmitted without any user interaction. When received by other vessels and coast stations, the data built up to provide a live graphical display of traffic in the area.
McMurdo Smartfind M10 Class B AIS Transponder User Manuel (.pdf)

Engineered for flawless integration with navigation systems, the Smartfind M10 supports NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 output, meets IEC 62287 and related standards, and features an optional WiFi interface as well as USB connectivity.

Benefiting from an SD card slot, the Smartfind M10, can be quickly and easily used as a data recorder, enabling the capture of all messages - to assist in system and safety monitoring, including incident investigation. Recorded data is logged and stored.

The ‘Silent’ option, allows the user to temporarily stop the broadcast of identifying information on occasions where either privacy or security is required.

• AIS Receiver with integral cable for power, USB and NMEA 0183
• User manual
• PC AIS Viewer software
• GPS antenna and cable
• Optional Wifi Connection available (Any device being used to connect to the M10W via WiFi should support WPA-PSK with TKIP data encryption)

McMurdo Smartfind M10 Class B AIS
#SMC-M10 $649.00
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McMurdo Smartfind AIS Units
McMurdo Smartfind AIS Units

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