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McMurdo Smartfind Plus G5
406 EPIRB w/ Internal GPS
Category II Manually Deployable

McMurdo Smartfind Plus G5 406 GPS MHz EPIRB 82-800-001A (PW-406-2GSF)
Manual Bracket Meeting the demands of both commercial mariners and recreational boaters, the new McMurdo SMARTFIND Plus heralds the arrival of the next generation in EPIRB technology. This compact and stylish unit incorporates a high accuracy GPS for enhanced position location.

The G5 SMARTFIND PLUS has all the advanced features of the standard E5 SMARTFIND with the addition of an internal GPS receiver. The addition of a integral 12 channel GPS receiver to the EPIRB ensures that the exact position of a casualty is relayed to the rescue services. This can in turn improve the speed of recovery by updating the position of the beacon at regular intervals. The GPS EPIRB has been designed to enhance further the lifesaving capabilities of conventional beacons. The standard Global Positioning System (GPS) uses an array of 27 satellites and provides continuous positional information with a typical accuracy of around 30m. A 406MHz EPIRB such as the Smartfind Plus or Fastfind Plus PLB has a built in GPS, when the beacon is activated in an emergency, positional information is incorporated into the distress message which it transmits. This incorporation of positional information overcomes the location problem when using geostationary satellites and can greatly reduce the time it takes for the SAR authorities to arrive on the scene. When speed of response and accuracy of location are important considerations, then the GPS EPIRB offers the best performance.
Smartfind Plus G5 406 GPS MHz EPIRB (.pdf)

Product Features
Integrated 12 channel GPS
IMO Approved
Non hazardous battery for safe and easy transportation
Unique CARRYSAFE bracket for safe transportation
High brightness LED flashing locator lights
Comprehensive diagnostic and self-test facilities
Once activated, will transmit for a minimum of 48 hours
5 year warranty
5 year battery life

406 Beacon Specification:
GPS receiver (SMARTFIND Plus)
Maximum number of satellites tracked: 12
GPS Receive Antenna Type: Ceramic dielectric patch
Meets the requirements of international standards: COSPAS-SARSAT T.001 class 2, RTCM; SC110-STD Version 2 class 2, IEC 61097-2, EN 60945, Part 80 of FCC regulations.
EPIRB temperature range: Operating - 20━C to +55━C (Class 2), Storage -30━C to +70━C
SOLAS Float-Free Housing -30━C to +65━C (Class 2)
EPIRB sealing depth: Waterproof to 10 m
EPIRB Weight: 657g (1.5 lb)
Float-Free Housing & EPIRB: 2130 g (4.7 lb)
406 MHz transmitter Frequency: 406.028MHz + 1kHz
Output power: 5W + 2dB
121.5MHz homing transmitter
Frequency: 121.5MHz + 3 kHz
Output power: 50mW + 3dB PERP
Transmit Antenna Type: Blade vertically polarised, omni-directional
Type: Flashing white LED lamp
Light output: > 0.75 candelas over 75% of the horizontal plane
Message formats: EPIRB National, Standard and User Location Protocol as applicable, plus EIPRB user protocols. Serialised, MMSI and radio call sign.
Controls: Manual activation, Self TEST switches
Beacon operation: Automatic activation by seawater switch within 5 seconds of immersion. Manual activation by sealed switch.
Battery Classed as non-hazardous for transportation
Temperature range: Operating -20━C to +55━C, Storage -30━C to +70━C
Operational life: 48 hours minimum at -20━C
Battery replacement interval: 5 years

McMurdo Smartfind Plus G5 406 EPIRB w/ Internal GPS Category II Manually Deployable
#SRSFCP2 $465.00