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Winslow Super-Light Premium Coastal (SLPRC)

Included standard with the number one rated WINSLOW® Super-Light™ Premium Coastal™ is an auto inflatable canopy support system with Sure-Seal™ Closures on all openings, zippered viewing ports (recommended by Practical Sailor), inflatable insulated double floor, water activated interior and exterior survivor locator lights, 406 Mhz PLB, auto deploying conical drogue, Pentagonal Ballast System™ and survival gear storage pockets. Stated to be the “Rolls Royce” among all the coastal life rafts tested, Practical Sailor stated in their June, 2000 issue that the “Winslow Super-Light™ Canopied Coastals -the Plus and Premium-are our top choices.”

Model # # Persons DIMENSIONS
L x W x H
40SLPRC 4 25" x 16" x 11" 45 lbs.
60SLPRC 6 26" x 17" x 11" 49 lbs.
80SLPRC 8 27" x 17" x 11" 53 lbs.

Model #: 
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