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Winslow Super Ligth DualShore

Winslow Super-Light DualShore (SLDS)

The WINSLOW® DualShore™ is an inshore survival product. While not intend for use in open water, the DualShore™ is perfect for day sailing and inshore sailboat races on lakes and bays (meets ORC categories 3 and 4). Like the RescueRaft™ (shown below), the DualShore™ provides a means of getting survivors off the sinking boat, keeping them out of the water to help prevent hypothermia and drowning and making survivors more visible to Search and Rescue while waiting for help to arrive. The DualShore’s™ advantage over the ResceuRaft™is it’s double-stacked buoyancy tubes providing complete redundancy for added safety. The DualShore™ has the same excellent array of boarding accoutrements, the same “highest in the industry” freeboard and is manufactured to the same quality standard that goes into the number one rated WINSLOW® Offshore Series Life Rafts. Also, the DualShore™ can be retrofitted to WINSLOW’s Offshore Super-Light™ Series Life Raft at a later date should your boating horizons expand. With retrofit capabilities, you never lose your original investment, unlike with other manufacturers’ life rafts.

Shown with optional 75' floating heaving trailing line w/buoyant throwing handle and optional upgrade from one inch to two inch lifelines.

Model # # Persons DIMENSIONS
L x W x H
40SLDS 4 23" x 12" x 7" 21 lbs.
60SLDS 6 24" x 12" x 7" 28 lbs.
80SLDS 8 26" x 14" x 7.5" 33 lbs.
100SLDS 10 28" x 13" x 8" 38 lbs.
120SLDS 12 31" x 14" x 8.5" 44 lbs.

Winslow Super Ligth DualShore

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