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Winslow Super-Light Canopied Coastal (SLCC)

The WINSLOW® Super-Light™ Canopied Coastal™ shares the same critical survival features found in the number one rated WINSLOW® Premium Coastal™. It is ideal for the budget minded person where affordability without jeopardizing seaworthiness is the goal or when space and weight are an issue. For that coastal sailor the Canopied Coastal™ is the perfect answer.

Shown with optional StoreSafe™ heavy duty dry survival gear storage pockets and optional upgrade from one inch to two inch lifelines and grasp lines.

Model # # Persons DIMENSIONS
L x W x H
40SLCC 4 21" x 16" x 8" 37 lbs.
60SLCC 6 21" x 16" x 8" 41 lbs.
80SLCC 8 24" x 15" x 10" 45 lbs.

Model #: 
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