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Fiorentino Shark Drogue

Fiorentino's New SHARK
The World's First Self-Contained Stern Drogue

The new, patented SHARK differs from other stern drogues not only in ease-of-use and compact storage, but also in a solid canopy design that captures more water than open fabric drogues. Its patented 316 stainless steel stabilizer eliminates the challenge of handling the large metal hoops required to keep most drogues inflated. This Para-Ring technology also makes it impossible to tangle the SHARK, avoiding the breakage found in other drogues. SHARK Drogue

The SHARK is easy to pack because it is self contained. The entire drogue fits inside the Para-Ring stabilizer that it's attached to. There's no need for a bag that must be stowed and there are no nightmares repacking a drogue that doesn't seem to fit in its bag anymore.

Deployment is simple:
1. Unsnap buckles and open the bottom lid
2. Grab the red canopy inside the Para-Ring and pull completely out
3. Attach swivel to anchor rode and toss into the sea from the stern of the boat.

The SHARK is the only hybrid drogue built from heavy grade fabric that meets precise hydrostatic test requirements to ensure a stronger and safer product. Fiorentino is recognized as the only drag device manufacturer to go beyond any ISO and USCG safety standard to produce high end products for extreme weather. Unlike other drogue suppliers, Fiorentino's products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Included with the SHARK Drogue: Stainless Para-Ring, Custom Size Stainless Swivel, Installed Drogue Tail, Expert Technical Support, and Impressive 5-Year Warranty.

  • Small: 8" x 8" packed, 10 lbs; for boats 22 - 31 ft & up to 20,000 lbs
  • Medium: 8" x 8" packed, 12 lbs; for boats 32 - 49 ft & up to 50,000 lbs
  • Large: 8" x 10" packed, 14 lbs; for boats 50 - 90 ft & up to 200,00 lbs

  • Fiorentino Shark Drogue
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    Vessel Storm Survival

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