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Fiorentino Fast-Pak Stowage Bag

Fiorentino's patent pending, Fast-Pak bag is included FREE with your purchase of an Offshore or Coastal anchor. The specially designed bag allows for easy attachment to any boat deck and more importantly, easy two minute packing. No worries about folding the parachute just right so that it will fit into a tiny bag and deploy with your second use. Fiorentino's collapsible stowage bags are manufactured in the U.S.A. and are designed to be used interchangeably with most parachute anchor systems.

Fast Deployment. Fiorentino's Fast-PAK! is designed for easy attachment to any cleat, pulpit, or stanchion. All you have to do is tie a spare line to one of the heavy-duty loops located on the sides of the stowage bag. The top of the bag opens widely for quick access to your para-anchor and trip line. Drop your trip line into the water followed by your para-anchor. Because there is no constraints around Fiorentino Para-Anchors, the parachute canopy inflates within seconds from the tug of your anchor rode. Fast deployment is especially important in a crisis.

Fast and Easy Packing. It takes two minutes or less to pack your para-anchor and stow it in your Fast-PAK! stowage bag. All you need is one person. This benefit is especially important if you're packing larger para-anchors on a bumpy ocean. No worry about folding every single parachute panel perfectly to make sure the para-anchor will fit in its container and better yet, wonder if it will deploy without tangling. Fiorentino's well-published roll-pack-technique allows you to roll up your para-anchor like a sleeping bag and place in the Fast-PAK! You then fasten your parachute hardware to the inner safety belt and your done! The Fast-PAK! allows for continuous and reliable use of your para-anchor. How To Pack

Fast-PAK! in One Bag! We like to keep things simple. That's why we don't use multiple bags to store our para-anchor gear. Instead, the Fiorentino Fast-PAK! holds everything you need to deploy your Para-Anchor in one package. Forcing a parachute anchor into an undersized bag might be an issue for others, but not us, because we provide plenty of room in the Fast-PAK! for your para-anchor, trip line, and hardware.

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