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Fiorentino Para-Ring Drogue 48" x 56" Canopy

65,000 to 100,000 lbs. displacement. When your destination lies downwind, but high seas bring a danger of broaching, a drogue is the tool of choice. A drogue will slow you down so that you can move at a safe speed down the wave face, while allowing you to continue sailing on your course. Several features set the patented Fiorentino drogue apart.

Its non-porous canopy captures more water than a webbed-canopy drogue. The result is a greater reduction in vessel speed, dramatically improving steering and allowing the use of smaller, more compact equipment.

Its mesh panel “shock absorbers” regulate water flow through the drogue. If the boat suddenly lurches forward, the mesh opens up to reduce drag. Shock load is reduced, and your stern is less likely to be swept by a wave.

Simple weights and floats instead of cumbersome hoops or cables keep the mouth of the drogue open. The drogue weights also reduce the need to carry chain.

The Para-Ring system (also used in the para-anchor) prevents shroud line tangles and inverted canopies. Retrieval handles sewn to the top of the drogue make retrieval easy.

The Fiorentino drogue is superbly crafted, and comes with storage bag, free instructional video or DVD, stainless swivel, and a 5-year warranty. Does not include rode. See chart below for sizing and prices.

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