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Fiorentino Offshore 28' Para Sea Anchor

FPA-28 The Fiorentino Para Anchor exclusive Offshore Anchor includes the world's first Anchor Stabilizer "the Para-Ring". Engineered by offshore safety experts, it's the only parachute anchor to self adjust in heavy seas and strong ocean currents. Offshore Para-RingFeaturing the first and only lightweight parachute sea anchor that absorbs massive shock loads without blowing panels or twisting parachute lines. That means no collapsing canopies, which can make quite a difference when sailing in storm conditions!

Fiorentino's patented design makes it easy for any crew member to deploy safely every time. Simply drop the rolled up unit into the water. Fiorentino's Para-Ring and precision weight placement quickly sink the para-anchor below dangerous waves. The fast submersion fully inflates the parachute canopy immediately. Secure your anchor line, your done!FAST-PAK Stowage Bag

Pack away in two minutes or less with Fiorentino's Fast-PAK!. All you do is roll it up like a sleeping bag and place everything in one bag...not two or three! Its intelligent design lets you keep it simple, so you can concentrate on cruising.

For sizing your anchor check out the Fiorentino Para Anchor Size Chart.

Included with your Anchor:
  • Fast-Pak Stowage Bag
  • Canopy Break Strength: 12,000 lbs. (Tensile strength based upon a 9' canopy)
  • Exclusive Stainless Para-Ring
  • High Quality Stainless Swivel
  • Custom Weight Placement
  • Photo-Filled Instruction Manual
  • Expert Technical Support
  • Impressive 5-Year Warranty

  • (Anchor Rode and trip line not included.)

    #SFAO_28 List Price $3,460.00Only $2,495.00
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