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Echomax EM230I
Passive Radar Reflector

The Echomax EM230I Inflatable Passive Radar Reflector features the DuPont metallised, lacquered and spun bonded fabric array with fluorescent yellow PVC case; folds down neatly and is an ideal addition to the grab bag for emergency use. QinetiQ (DERA) registered an astonishing 28 sq.m peak at + or - 3 degrees and exceeds RORC requirements by nearly three fold.

  • Length - 720mm
  • Overall diameter - 330mm
  • Weight - 355 gms.
  • Click picture above to see Polar Diagram

  • Includes 3 piece mounting kit

    Exceeds ISO 8729, Exceeds RORC & ORC requirements of 10M2

    EchoMax EM230I Inflatable Radar Reflector
    #SEM230I List Price $180.00Only $159.95

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