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EchoMax EM230
Radar Reflector

NATO # 5840-99-742-6193
The EchoMax EM230+ is a lightweight, 2.5mm robust Polyethylene. QinetiQ (DERA) tests proved the Echomax EM230 to give an astonishing 24 sq.m peak at + or - 3 degrees and 10 sq.m peak at + or - 15 degrees.

  • Length - 610mm
  • Distance between fixing centres - 569mm
  • Overall diameter - 245mm (9.6") - 30.3" circumference)
  • Fixing holes - 8mm
  • Weight - 2.5 kg

  • Type approved to Item A.1/1.33 and item A.1/4.39 of the EC Marine Directive 2002/75/EC and to Ships Wheel Mark, SOLAS, ISO 8729, RORC/ORC Approved. Accepted by the USCG by virtue of the Mutual Recognition this exists between the USA and EEC.

    Mounting Brackets sold separately (#SEM230MB)

    EchoMax EM230 Radar Reflector
    #SEM230 List Price $249.99Only $219.95

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    standard & inflatable

    EchoMax EM230 Mounting BracketEchoMax EM230 Mounting Bracket
    for the EM230+ or EM230 Midi

    EchoMax 230BR Radar ReflectorEchoMax 230BR Radar Reflector
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