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Sea Marshall
121.5 MHz Maritime Survivor
Locating Systems

The Sea Marshall, in conjunction with an on-board vessel receiver, is a locally managed man overboard emergency response system. The term locally managed refers to the ability of the Sea Marshall system users to manage and carry out their own rescue operation. The system is fully compatible with standard International Search and Rescue Equipment. The Sea Marshall is a 121.5 MHz beacon and can alert the ship and crew within seconds. The rescuers can home in on the person in distress.
Sea Marshall Maritime Survivor Locating Systems Brochure (.pdf)

The Sea Marshall alert can be easily integrated into a work vest, or inflatable PFD or SOLAS vest. The system then provides an automatic water activated alert, that activates automatically a base unit, that provides an immediate alarm to the crew and then precision direction back to the man over board (MOB). Even in the worst-case scenarios like an individual unconscious, face down, arms in or under the water, the antenna gives excellent range for the rescuers to home in on.

The first few minutes are critical. A man overboard most often ends up unconscious or traumatized, unable to perform normal functions that could possibly increase his or her chance of survival. In addition, in cold waters hypothermia significantly decreases the chance of a successful rescue.


AU9 MOB Alerting UnitAU9 MOB Alerting Unit
PLB8-LR 'SOS' / SMRS8-LR / SMRS-LR / MOA-20100

The miniature beacon is easily incorporated into a life jacket and has a unique electroluminescent lanyard antenna that greatly improves the chances of a visible contact at night.
Sea Marshall AU9 MOB Alerting Unit Brochure (.pdf)

  • Lightweight and easily fitted to lifejacket or PFD
  • 5 second auto-activation or manually operated
  • 100mW power output
  • 24 hours emergency transmission on 121.5 MHz (international Search and Rescue)
  • LED strobe on antenna for visual tracking and to indicate beacon operating status
  • Automatic low battery indicator, user replaceable battery
  • Test function to check signal transmission and battery power
  • 2 year battery service life
  • 1 year standard warranty

    The Sea Marshall AU9 is a fully automatic Maritime Survivor Locating Device (MSLD) that transmits a homing signal on 121.5 MHz for rescuers to track and locate a man overboard. The Sea Marshall AU9 provides 24/7 monitoring of crew at risk of falling overboard. As part of a self-managed alert and locating system, the auto-activated Sea Marshall AU9 transmits an emergency homing signal on 121.5 MHz that is received and tracked on a dedicated base unit to quickly locate and rescue a man overboard.

    #SMRS-AU9 $499.00

  • Mobilarm SARfinder Alarm Base UnitMobilarm SARfinder Alarm Base Unit
    SarFinder 1003 / MOA-20300
    The Sea Marshall SARfinder 'SOS' continuously monitors crew wearing Sea Marshall AU9 Alerting Units and when a signal is picked up it raises the Alarm and displays the direction of the MOB on its super clear, Electroluminescent Back lit display panel (for night time emergencies).

    The SARfinder is designed with the user in mind and takes the thinking out of an emergency by giving you just the information you need, firstly, immediate notification that a person has fallen Over board and secondly the direction of the person in the water in relation to ships heading.
    Sea Marshall Mobilarm SARfinder Alarm Base Unit Brochure (.pdf)

  • Continuously monitors 121.5 MHz frequency (& 121.65/121.775)
  • Immediately detects emergency signal from activated Sea Marshall alerting unit
  • Automatic alarm and in-water tracking
  • Compass-style LED display indicates direction and approximate range of man overboard to enable self-managed rescue
  • Plots vessel’s GPS position at time of incident (Requires NMEA GPS Interface)
  • Antenna included
  • No limit to the number of alerting units that can be used with one SARfinder

    In the Box: Dedicated 3 band (121.5, 121.65 & 121.775) MOB Alarm & Locate base unit. Features Include; extended tracking range 2-3miles, heavy duty compact antenna with one piece antenna tubes, waterproof heavy duty metal display enclosure, easy to read display outlay, average bearing software for improved tracking, NMEA box prewired to power cable for GPS plot, Automatic immediate alerting & locating of an MOB, External Siren/Alarm for loud audio MOB alerting, 12v power and Waterproof IP 66 display. Package includes: SARfinder Display, Antenna, 20m cable & brackets, NMEA Crewfix interface, plus instruction manual & CD.

    #SMRS-SAR $4,495.00

  • Mobilarm Crewguard Base UnitMobilarm Crewguard Base Unit
    On detecting the signal, the Mobilarm Crewguard automatically sounds the alarm and displays a man overboard warning light. Proximity to the man overboard is indicated via a simple LED display. Additional Direction Finding equipment may be necessary to locate man overboard.
    Sea Marshall Mobilarm Crewguard Base UnitBrochure (.pdf)

    The Mobilarm Crewguard can interface with onboard systems to automatically activate or deactivate devices, such as engine shut-off, auto-pilot, external sirens and strobe lights.

    In a lone-worker environment, the Mobilarm Crewguard can be connected to an auto-dialer that will call up to 8 land lines or cell phones to call for help.

  • Continuously monitors 121.5 MHz frequency
  • Immediately detects emergency signal from activated Sea Marshall alerting unit
  • Automatic alarm and flashing LED man overboard warning Simple LED display indicates signal strength (near or far) Plots vessel’s GPS position at time of incident (Requires NMEA GPS Interface)
  • Antenna included
  • No limit to the number of alerting units that can be used with one Crewguard

    In the Box: Crewguard CG-121 MKII (rev.a) pre-wired to Crewfix NMEA box. Features Include: Dedicated 3 band (121.5,121.65,121.775MHz base unit, LED MOB warning indicator, Immediate automatic alerting of an MOB, Approximate range indicator, External Siren/Alarm for loud audio MOB alerting, Waterproof IP66 display, 12/24V power supply, NMEA Crewfix interface, external antenna with brackets, 5m cable.

    #SMRS-CG $1,426.00