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Meet Team SCA's all-female crew

Team SCA's online presence:

Sophie Ciszek (Australia/United States)
Position: Crew member
 (Under 30)
Born: Mornington, Victoria, Australia, 28.06.1985
Status: Single
Languages: English

Biography: Sophie Ciszek was until 2012 a full-time crew member for the Open 60 Hugo Boss. Prior to that she has had a varied career on some of the world’s most renowned racing yachts, including the Maxis Wildthing, Brindabella and Shockwave. She has sailed more than 60,000 nautical miles - mostly as bowman - and has competed in four Sydney Hobart races.

Quote: "This is an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity and I am really excited about the next couple of years. In effect we are competing on the same platform as an all male team so will be good to challenge them on the race course."

Carolijn Brouwer (Netherlands) Position: Crew member
 Born: Leiden, Netherlands, 25.07.1973 Status: Partner Darren Bundock, one son, Kyle Nico (25.02.2011) Languages: Dutch, England, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German

Biography: As well as being an accomplished multihull and Olympic sailor, having competed in the Sydney, Athens and Beijing Games, Carolijn Brouwer has Volvo Ocean Race experience. Brouwer was at the helm on Amer Sports Too in the 2001-02 edition. She won the International Sailing Federation's highest award in 1998 the ISAF World Sailor of the Year Awards.

Quote: "Team SCA is not a ‘second hand’ project, it is a first class professional project with great potential. I know what it is like to spend weeks on a boat with 10 other people and, of course, there will be challenges, but equally this is an incredible opportunity for women’s racing, and I am thrilled to be able to be part of it."

Sam Davies (Britain) Position: Crew member
 Born: Portsmouth, England, 23.08.1974 Status: Partner Romain Attanasio, one son, Ruben (04.09.2011) Languages: English, French

Biography: Sam Davies is an accomplished single-handed sailor. She has competed in two Vendee Globe races and has sailed in the challenging Open 60 class for the past 10 years. In 2008 she finished the Vendee Globe in fourth place. She was part of the all-female Jules Vernes Trophy attempt in 1998 sailing with Tracy Edwards.

Quote: “This is a great opportunity for women’s sailing and it is the right time to do it with the change in the Volvo Ocean Race Rule. With the top-level coaching structure and technical team that is in place, this will help to fast-track our steep learning curve and I really believe we have the opportunity to achieve some amazing results in the next race.”

Liz Wardley (Australia) Position: Crew member
 Born: Kokopo, Papua New Guinea, 06.12.1979 Status: Engaged Languages: English, French

Biography: Liz Wardley is renowned for her numerous titles gained in the Hobie Cat 16 and for her ocean racing skills. In 1999 she became the first woman to win the Sydney-Hobart Race. The year before she was skipper in the same event at the age of just 19. She is another of the SCA team with Volvo Ocean Race experience from 2001-02 with Amer Sports Too.

Quote: “I am really excited to be joining probably the first 100% professional woman’s team to enter the Volvo Ocean Race. We have done everything to succeed and I am looking forward to getting stuck into it.”

Annie Lush (Britain) Position: Crew member
 Born: Poole, England, 11.04.1980 Status: Single Languages: English

Biography: World Match Race Tour, as well as racing on professional circuits. She is an Olympic match racer who competed at the London Games in the Elliott 6m class. She has been Women’s Match Race champion three times (2004, 2005, 2010) and topped the ISAF World Ranking in 2010.

Quote: “It is an amazing opportunity with fantastic support from coaches, shore crew and sponsor. It is up to us now to go and do it. It has been a very exciting and, at times, demanding process, but I am absolutely thrilled at being selected to be part of the team. This is the first time in 10 years that we have had an all-female team in this race, and it is probably the first time in the race’s history that there has been a team that is being put together in the same way as an all-male team."

Abby Ehler (Britain) Position: Crew member
 Born: Plymouth, England, 05.08.1976 Status: Married, one child Languages: English, French

Biography: Ehler is another sailor with direct experience of the Volvo Ocean Race, having been boat captain and bowman on Amer Sports Too team in 2001-02, under her maiden name of Seager. Most recently, she has been working with America's Cup on shoreside logistics, while still staying active as a sailor, and her know-how and experience will be vital for the campaign.

Quote: "The huge difference with this campaign is that it is about making the team competitive. The platform that is in place and SCA's commitment towards creating a successful female team is really impressive. There are no excuses: we have all the tools and support (necessary) to achieve."

Stacey Jackson (Australia) Position: Crew member
 Born: Mooloolaba, Australia, 02.06.1983 Status: Single Languages: English

Biography: Jackson brings over 15 years' sailing experience, both inshore and offshore including nine Sydney Hobart Yacht Races (including line honours onboard the Maxi yacht Wild Oats), TP52, Mumm 30 World Championships and and one Fastnet.

Quote: “I joined Team SCA for the initial delivery sail of the Volvo Open 70 training boat to Lanzarote, Spain. It was a really interesting experience and gave me a taste of the potential for the team. We were a group of girls from different disciplines and nationalities, so much of the first week was just getting to know everyone. But it was a really great session and I am thrilled to be asked to join the team as a confirmed crew.”

Justine Mettraux (Switzerland) Position: Crew member
 (Under 30) Born: Geneva, Switzerland, 04.10.1986 Status: Single Languages: English, French and Spanish

Biography: Mettraux joins Team SCA after finishing the Mini Transat in second place. She has been part of the Mini circuit in Switzerland and since 2012 has regularly appeared on podiums to date. She was also part of the successful Team SCA squad for the Fastnet Race, coming in at the last minute to replace an injured colleague.

Quote: “The most important thing now is to catch up the other crew physically. They have done a lot of fitness training since I was last here and they also know the boat better than me, so I will be trying to catch up with that as quickly as possible, and to be a good team member and get better as a team on this boat. After sailing alone it will take a little while to remember everything involved with a team!”

Sally Barkow (United States) Position: Crew member
 Born: Waukesha, 10.07.1980 Status: Single Languages: English

Biography: Sally is a skilled match racer and has been on and off the Olympic circuit for the past 10 years. She competed for the US team in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and was US Rolex Yachtswomen of the Year in 2005 and 2007. She will also be part of the medic group onboard.

Quote: "I think I am probably most looking forward to coming together as a whole team. Once the full team is announced, the gaps are filled and the team becomes a little more solidified then we can start to work as a group instead of on two boats with guys onboard, which is great for learning and for competition but it means we are not in our roles onboard, and cannot work to the high level we need to be to sail around the world – so when we do get to that level it will definitely be the most exciting thing."

Dee Caffari (Britain) Position: Crew member Born: Watford, Hertfordshire, 03.01.1973 Status: In a relationship Languages: English, French

Biography: Aged 41, Caffari knows her ocean racing. She competed in the Vendée Globe, the Global Challenge, the Barcelona World Race and four transatlantic races. The British character is the only woman to have sailed solo around the world in both directions (east about and west about) as well as being the only female to have sailed around the world three times, non stop. She also holds the female crewed monohull Round Britain and Ireland speed record, a record she established in June 2009, with her Sam Davies.

Quote: “I am most looking forward to back on the race track around the world. The best part of this project is working with a great bunch of girls and all working together towards the same goal.”

Sara Hastreiter (United States) Position: Crew member (Under 30) Born: South Dakota, USA, 22.09.1984 Status: In a relationship Languages: English, French

Biography: Double-handed offshore racing on Class 40 boats, short-handed races - Hastreiter has been campaigning to do a transatlantic race for the past couple of years. She has sailed over 40,000 nautical miles and has competed in key races in the Caribbean and the USA, among many deliveries and working on various boats around the world.

Quote: “It means everything to me to be part of Team SCA. From the first time I heard about offshore racing, I knew it was something I wanted to do, so I just kept working towards anything I needed to do to make that a possibility, but something like this team has never been an option until now so it is pretty amazing to be out on the water and look around you to see a group of girls racing together in a project backed by such a strong support crew and a sponsor as enthusiastic as SCA.”

Elodie-Jane Mettraux (Switzerland) Position: Crew member (Under 30) Born: Geneva, Switzerland, 07.11.1984 Status: In a relationship Languages: English, French

Biography: Modest but determined, the talented Mettraux joins the squad from Switzerland, where she has a rich sailing background with the Geneva Training Center. She won the amateur ranking in the 2012 Tour de France a la Voile and was instrumental in building the Swiss all-female match racing team in 2013. And she is the sister of her fellow crew mate Justine!

Quote: “I think it is already a big achievement to be chosen as part of this team, and I am so glad I made the decision to drop everything and try out. I think the most exciting prospect will be actually racing these boats, seeing the difference between us and the other teams. At the moment we are training so hard but it will be completely different when we get to the race, both with how our team works and how we compare to the competition.”

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Meet Team SCA's all-female crew