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College, Scholastic and Team Discounts

Landfall gives College & Scholastic Teams a 15% Discount!

You are the future of our sport and we know how important saving every cent you have is when you're trying to finish school and have time to sail as much as possible. Plus, you know how important it is to have the right gear for the right season, because the less time you're thinking or concerning yourself with your gear, the less time you have to focus on sailing....and not focusing on your sailing won't win you races.

How this works

All foul weather gear and soft goods like gear bags, sunglasses, watches, boots, gloves, hats, dry suits, wet suits, and socks are included in this discount. Discount applies to web orders as well as in-store purchases. Only applies to full price merchandise. Can not be combined with any other offer.

You must use your college email address with your name and .edu to qualify.

Qualifying products = Any Gear you wear!
Just Type the Promo Code: "COLLEGIATE" into the promo code bar and we will deduct the 15 % off all full priced clothing, foul weather gear and soft goods listed above.

The discount will not be reflected on your invoice at the time of checkout. An updated invoice with all discounts will be included with your order. Feel free to call us to discuss.

High School Sailors:
Since most high schools do not offer .edu email address for you, please call in to place your order and we'll make the savings easy for you over the phone.

You'll get the same savings as your collegiate brethren on tons of gear from all of the brands you know and trust, just call us to make it happen!

Team Order Discount:
Pool your order and save even more! If you place an order with 15 or more items you get 20% off. Please call or e-mail Eric at landfallnav dot com to set up a team order
(Be Advised: Team order discount available on clothing and soft goods only.)

College & Scholastic Discounts