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Sailing World Calendar

Best of Dr. Crash: 2017 Wall Calendar
Sailing World's doctor of disaster recently returned from an international sabbatical, beaming with excellent news. Racecourse calamity rates are at an all-time high, he reports, and never before has he witnessed such pandemonium on the water. To quash all doubters, he collected an abundance of hard evidence - photographic proof that crashes, dumps, wipe outs, broaches, and many other maladies still plague sailboat racers worldwide. 2017 Sailing World CalendarThe Doc promptly called his publisher and before we could spare our friends further public humiliation, his fourth Best of Dr. Crash calendar was rolling through the presses. 14" x 11" closed. 14" x 22" open.
Be careful what you do in front of a photographer, the Doc warns us. You could be next!

Not Printed for 2017