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Sailing Solo

ISBN: 0071418458 / 9780071418454

The Legendary Sailors and Great Races

by Nic Compton

A lavish, full-color chronicle of the most grueling single-handed yacht races in the world.

Ever since Joshua Slocum circumnavigated the globe in 1895-98, sailors have dreamed of taking to the high seas alone. Many have devoted their lives to the dream; some have given their lives.

With gorgeous, full-color photography and dramatic prose, Sailing Solo pays homage to the world's greatest sailors as it explores every major single-handed race, from the pioneering Ostar to the grueling Figaro, to the ultimate of all solo competitions, the Vendee Globe, in which sailors surf down40-foot waves at speeds in excess of 20knots, thousands of miles from any help.

Single-handed racing has never been more popular. As many as 200,000 people braved winter weather to witness Ellen Macarthur's completion of the Vendee Globe in 2001.

The author, a veteran single hander, traces the history of each race, introducing the skippers and the incredible boats they fly solo--offering readers a unique and awe inspiring glimpse into what makes sailors tackle that ultimate of all challenges: sailing alone.

Hardback. 192 pgs. 2003.


Sailing Solo: The Legendary Sailors and Great Races

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