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Sailing Lines

Never set sail without a stash of high-quality sailing line. Designed for everyone from cruising sailors to dinghy racers, our high-tech sailboat lines will help ensure that rigging, docking, towing and more runs as smoothly as possible. Landfall® has a huge range of sail line rope, including single braid lines, double braid lines, dock lines, tow lines, shock cord, mini spools, control lines, sheets, halyards and more to keep you safe and efficient on board. Boating staples like dock lines and tow lines are a must for any day sailor, power boater or recreational angler.

High Tech Single Braid Lines
High Tech Single Braid Lines

These lines are constructed from high tech fibers such as Dyneema, Vectran, Technora, and PBO. They are used in multipart purchase systems or as a wire replacement. These have very high breaking strength, low stretch, but not used in applications where it will be held in the hand.

Marlow Excel D12 MAX 78
NER STS 12-90
NER Endura 12
NER Vectran 12 (V12)
Blended Single Braid Lines
Blended Single Braid Lines

Made from a high tech fiber blended with a softer fiber such as polypropylene. The result is a line with low stretch and a soft feel on the hands. Can be used for sheets or control lines.

NER Salsa
Double Braid Lines
Double Braid Lines

Double braids have a core and a cover which reduces wear. these moderate stretch lines offer an economic alternative for recreational sailors and cruisers. Can be used for sheets OR control lines.

Yale Cordage ULS Yacht Braid
High Tech Double Braid Lines
High Tech Double Braid Lines

These lines have a core and a cover. The cover protects the line from wear and makes them easier to handle. The cores of these lines are made from low stretch/ high strength fibers such as those listed in the High Tech Single Braids section. Can be used for sheets, controls, and halyards.

New England WR²
Marlow Excel Vectran
Marlow Excel Elite 90
Dock Lines and Tow Lines
Dock Lines and Tow Lines

Lines in this section are light and stretchy. Most of them float in the water and are ideal for docking and towing.

Shock Cord
Shock Cord

Mini Spools
Mini Spools

These lines come available in a mini spool to be used for Opti sail ties, or lashings. they use high strength cores and polyester covers.

NER Spyderline Mini Spool
Vectran Mini Spool
Shop Line By Brand

Shop Lines By Use
Shop Lines By Use

This section is designed to point out some of our favorite lines for important functions on your boat. If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, for a specific boat, try checking out our one design pages or give us a call at (203)487-0775 to talk to a professional rigger.

Control Lines
Purchase Systems
Dock Lines
Rigging Tools

#4 Selma Fid
Selma Fid Set
FSE Robline Whipping Twine and Needle
Lightweight Sailmakers Palm

We have sailing line for all functions, from lashings and purchase systems to sheets, halyards and controls. When shopping for dock lines and tow lines, you always want to make sure you're selecting a light yet strong synthetic rope that floats to ensure that you can easily toss rope from here to there without going swimming for it. Choose high-tech single braid lines for applications where the rope will not be held in the hand or choose a softer blended braid line for hand-held applications. Don't forget to add shock cord for its many useful applications such as simplifying storage solutions and keeping things organized.

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