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The US Sailing
Appeals Book For 2009-2012

Includes the ISAF Casebook for 2009-2012

The Appeals Book for 2009-2012, which includes The ISAF Case Book for 2009-2012 is loaded with important and useful interpretations of the rules that will help sailors, race officers and judges make the best decisions according to the rules. The Appeals are decisions of the US SAILING Appeals Committee, and the Cases are decisions of national authorities published by ISAF. Most Appeals and Cases are a few paragraphs long, with a clear explanation of the Facts and often a diagram, followed by a clear interpretation and application of the rules to those Facts.” Appeals Book and ISAF Cases 2009-2012.

This book contains both the US Sailing Appeals and the ISAF Casebook for 2009-2012.

“During many of the rules seminars I've given, I joked about having the rule book on my bedside table just in case I had trouble getting to sleep. It is not very exciting reading! Not so with the Appeals Book! It is interesting, compelling reading and not unlike a book of short stories on your favorite subject,” says Butch Ulmer. The appeals that deal with sailing situations are diagrammed so that you get a clear visual of what occurred. The appeals that deal with race management, protest hearings , and so on convey the "whys" and "why nots" involved in these procedures. The writing is direct and to the point. You come away with a good working knowledge of what the rule or rules really mean. “I can't imagine anyone who races or runs races not having this compilation of the ‘case law’ of our sport. It's a must for understanding the rules,” said Ulmer.

The US Sailing Appeals Book For 2009-2012
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