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Is your yacht club or sailing center purchasing new boats this year? Are you tired of replacing tired and beaten optis year after year? Tired of watching beginner sailors thrash your nice new optis every summer? Tired of buying airbags, and sail ties and bailers? ENTER THE SAIL CUBE!!!

1) Sail Cube is made with recycled and environmentally friendly Rotomolded Plastic (think kayaks). It is completely indestructible in every way. Drag it up on the dock, a beach, on the rocks, parking lots, broken glass, or molten lava all without care or concern. No more damage, no more fiberglass repairs, no more hassle.

2) Hull weights only slightly more than the opti and with a nearly identical hull shape and sail shape, can be sailed along side optis at the beginner level. All gear including the blades are interchangeable with the opti.

3) Simplicity at its core: a fully molded cockpit allows for full floatation with ZERO airbags! Fully sleaved sails are the same shape as the opti without the hassle of sail ties. Scuppers in the transom mean no more bailing and no more buckets!!!

4) Cost effective: The Sail cube gives you all of this at a full 1/3 less $$$$'s than the opti.

5) Need a guarantee? The Sail Cube is imported and provided by McLaughlin boatworks, the ONLY manufacturer of the Opti in North America. Count on the excellent service teams at both Landfall AND McLaughlin to service ALL of your needs.

6) Have a racing team? the Sail Cube can be sailed competitively alongside the opti at the green fleet level by beginner racers. Use the Cube as a trainer to get your beginner's up to speed before they start racing Optis.

Who Should Buy the Sail Cube:
- Yacht Clubs looking for an excellent boat for beginners that is more durable and lower cost than the Opti.
- Sailing Centers and Junior Sailing Community Outreach programs looking for a low cost boat that will meet their needs and last FOREVER!!!
- Summer Camps looking for a great boat to teach sailing in with minimal complexity and minimal upkeep.
- Resorts and sailing havens looking for a great kids boat for young children to learn in.
- Individuals looking for a great boat for learners who aren't necesarily racing.
- Anyone who desires to learn or teach sailing on a simple and comparable platform to the opti without the costs of maintaining a fleet of optis.

Can't Decide? Need more proof? Landfall and McLaughlin beleive so strongly in the SAIL CUBE that we are teaming up this summer to offer programs the opportunity to test the cube at home with your own sailors for FREE!!!. We will be putting 8 Cubes on the road for testing at local programs throughout the region. Want to see if the Cube is right for your junior sailors? set-up a day or up to a full week to demo 8 Cubes with your beginner sailing program at NO COST. Contact us at Campbell@landfallnav.com to set up a demo day or several days at you club this summer.

#HMCUBE $2,199.99
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