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Sail Boats

In 2009 Landfall took its first steps towards becoming a voice in the dinghy and small boat sales industry. Since that day we have been completely devoted to providing the most comprehensive experience for buying and selling small boats of all types. With a knowledgable and experienced staff, a huge selection of boats and the best prices around, we promise that we can help you find the perfect fit for you. Whether you're a beginner sailor, a racer or a fun seeker, Landfall is your first stop!!!

  • Hartley 10

    Hartley 10

    The Hartley 10 is a durable, simple, stable dinghy that is well suited for training or recreational use.
    Code: HZH10
  • Hartley 12

    Hartley 12

    Featuring high freeboard, a deep roomy cockpit with space for 3 or 4, high boom, and open transom, this boat provides a great platform for sailors of all ages and sizes
    Code: HZH12
  • Hartley 12.2

    Hartley 12.2

    Built from the same durable rotomolded hull as the Hartley 12, the 12.2 features a larger mast and mainsail, a jib, and an asymmetrical spinnaker.
    Code: HZH12-2


    Is your yacht club or sailing center purchasing new boats this year? Are you tired of replacing tired and beaten optis year after year? Tired of watching beginner sailors thrash your nice new optis every summer? Tired of buying airbags, and sail ties and
    Code: HMCUBE