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ISAF/ORC Offshore Special Regulations
2012 - 2013

The following equipment represents some of the equipment required by US SAILING and the Offshore Racing Council (ORC). The ORC is the governing organization of many national and international races and it takes very seriously the safety of racing boats and crews.
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While this list is by no means comprehensive -- and the requirements also vary by race category -- it should give all sailors food for thought about their boat's safety equipment. Landfall Navigation® keeps all of the following equipment in stock. Call us for any item not available through our web site.

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Rule no. Item
3.21.3 a) 2.4 US gallons on board at start of race in dedicated and sealed containers
3.24.1 b) Compass
a spare magnetic compass independent of any power supply
3.29.1 a)

A marine radio transceiver
25W w/ masthead antenna & co-axial feeder & channel 72 and
emergency antenna when the regular antenna depends upon the mast

3.29.1 b) A waterproof hand-held VHF transceiver
3.29.1 f) A radio receiver capable of receiving weather bulletins
3.29.1 i) An automatic position fixing device
Global Positioning System (GPS)
4.03 Soft wood plugs tapered and of the appropriate size
4.04.1 a) i-iv Jackstays webbing of strength 4500 lb breaking strength
4.04.2 a) Clipping points attached to welded deck plates
4.05.7 a) Flashlight(s) watertight flashlights shall be provided, w/ spare batteries & bulbs
4.08.1 First aid kit and manual
4.09 Foghorn
Foghorns shall be provided
4.10 Radar reflector
octahedral w/ diagonal measurement of 456 mm (18in)
4.11 Navigational charts
not solely electronic
4.13 Echo sounder or lead line
4.16 Tools and spare parts
effective means to quickly disconnect standing rigging
4.18 Marine grade retro-reflective material
fitted to lifebuoys, lifeslings, liferafts & lifejackets
4.19.1 - 4 An EPIRB shall be provided for 406 MHz
("GPIRB" type is recommended)
4.20 Liferafts
Liferaft(s) in accordance with SOLAS/ISAF regulations
4.21.2 B Grab Bag Sea Anchor
second sea anchor for life raft
4.21.3 A - C Grab Bag
grab bag to accompany each liferaft
4.22 A Lifebuoys
within reach of the helmsman & ready for instant use
4.22.2 - 4 Lifebuoys
a whistle, a drogue, a self-igniting light & a pole & flag
4.23 Pyrotechnic signals
conforming to SOLAS Regulations and not more than 3 years old stowed in waterproof container(s)
4.24 Heaving Line
4.25 Cockpit Knife
4.26 One Knife for each crew member
4.27 Drogue, or Sea Anchor
5.01 Lifejacket
Each crew member shall have a lifejacket w/ a whistle & marine grade retro-reflective material
5.02 Safety Harness and Safety Lines (tethers)
Each crew member shall have a harness,
and a safety line (tether)
5.03 Personal location light provided for each crew member
5.04 Foul weather suit w/ hood provided for each crew member
#BSR107 International Sailing Federation Special Regulations
(formerly Safety Recommendations for Offshore Sailing)
by U.S. Sailing