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Mounting Bracket

Product No. 9430

Universal Category II Mounting Bracket

Snugly fits:
  • Magnum B (Product No. 2768)
  • SATELLITE 406 (Product No. 2758)
  • ACR RapidFix (2777.5)
  • ACR Satellite2 406 (2775.5)
  • ACR GlobalFix (2744)

  • The ACR LowPro2 Bracket is keyed to eliminate possibility of installing EPIRB backwards. Built-in magnetic deactivator deactivates EPIRB's water sensor when in this bracket to prevent false activation. Small footprint for low profile mounting. Universal mounting configuration, including rail mount and bulkhead. Fits rail from 3/4" to 3". Made of high density, UV stabilized polyethylene.

    Low Pro2 Mounting Bracket Specs (.pdf)

    ACR Low Pro2 Mounting Bracket
    #SA9430 $114.95