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Smartfind S5 AIS SART

Stored in a quick release carry off bag, the rugged S5 AIS SART is buoyant and waterproof to a depth of 10m. When activated, the S5 transmits an alert message along with your ID number and current GPS location which will trigger an alarm on all AIS equipped vessels within VHF range. The inbuilt GPS provides accurate location information to rescuers enabling them to quickly locate you. The non-hazardous battery has a six year storage life and enables the S5 to transmit continuously for in excess of 96hrs.

The S5 AIS SART is easy to operate and deploy and the high visibility buoyant carry off bag can be wall mounted or packed inside the survival craft. It features a shoulder strap making it easy to carry in the event of an emergency evacuation.

•Internationally Approved
•Ship or Survival craft options
•Waterproof to 32.8 ft.
•Rugged, compact and lightweight
•Non-hazardous battery for safe and easy transportation
•Minimum 96 hour operational battery life
•6 year battery life
•Visual indication of operation
•Built-in test function
•Integral lanyard
•Mounting options - Internal/External
•Comes complete in its own carry case

STANDARDS APPLIED: AIS SART: IEC 61097 - 14, IEC 60945 | Radio ITU: -R M.1371. GNSS / GPS: IEC 61108-1 | IMO: MSC.246(83) | Type: IMO AIS SART Non float free Operation: Manual Activation switch protected by anti-tamper cover. Self-test checks transmitter, battery, GPS and indicators. AIS TRANSMITTER: Operating frequency: AIS1, 161.975 MHz AIS2, 162.025 MHz Power Output: 1 W EIR | AIS Message Type: 1, 14 | Modulation: GMSK Antenna Integrated Vertical Element BATTERY: Type: Lithium Metal | Operating Life: 96 Hours min. | Storage: 6 yrs Service: Replaceable GNSS: GPS 20 Channel ENVIRONMENT: Oper. Temp: -4°F to +131°F Storage Temp: -22°F to +158°F | Waterproof Immersion: Up to 32.8 ft. Buoyancy: bouyant/floats | Exterior Finish: Highly visible yellow | Compass Safe Distance: 0.66 ft. PHYSICAL: Weight(Main Unit): .35 lb. | Weight(Incl. Pole): 1 lb. Length(Including Pole Extended): 61 in. | Lanyard: 32.8 ft., 1 lb. breaking strain MOUNTING: Stowage Case(packed): 2.07 lb., H15.3 x D3.15 x W5.9 in. Bulkhead Bracket: 0.5 lb.

McMurdo Smartfind S5 AIS SART
#S5AIS $595.00

  • Buoyant and waterproof to 10m
  • Compact, lightweight and rugged
  • Meets IMO and GMDSS standards
  • Over 96hrs continuous operation
  • LED indication of activation
  • Inbuilt test facility
  • Integral lanyard
  • Non hazardous battery
  • 6 year battery life