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ACR RapidFire
Automatic Vest Strobe

ACR RapidFire Automatic StrobeACR Part # 3961.1
Small, compact, rugged, waterproof the ACR RapidFire Vest Strobe packs inside the inflatable life jacket or attach it to a standard life vest. Pull-pin activation: Automatically lights when vest inflates or if manually pulled. Adjustable flash shield for optimum eye protection. Pull-pin lanyard clips to bottom of inflation chamber. Light test feature with "Test Key" to ensure readiness-can be tested many times. Easy to mount-fits on inflation tube via O Ring which will not damage inflation tube, or fits on any strap of conventional life jacket. "Tamper Tab" breaks to indicate light has been activated.

Long term storage lithium battery-10 year storage life (recommended replacement 5 years from date of purchase-write month/year of replacement date on case at time of purchase) Operating life-approximately 8 hours continuous at -20C (-4F).

RapidFire Strobe Specs (.pdf)

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