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SOSpenders Children's Hybrid Inflatable PFD Manual Rearm Kit

12MRP Rearming kit for the Manual PFDs (#S12MCH and #S12MYH) Rearming Kit for 12MCH and 12MYH. Includes 12 gr. CO2 cartridge, 1 green indicator tab, and rearming instructions. (For Halkey Roberts Inflators). (Sospender's, Sospender)

The ONLY Inflatable Personal Flotation Device (PFD) for Children Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.

These "hybrid" life jackets are two separate floatation systems in one. Their built-in foam provides calm water flotation with:
  • Automatic Inflation: If your child goes overboard the CO2 will inflate the PFDs bladder system and turn the child face upward (this can also be Manually deployed).
  • Manual Inflation: This provides the same CO2 inflation feature as the Auto, but the rip cord must be pulled to inflate.

  • Additional safety features like reflective tape, whistle and an oral inflation tube are standard.

    #S12MRP List Price $10.00Only $6.95