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RYA Sea Survival

ISBN-10: 1905104316
ISBN-13: 9781905104314
by Keith Colwell, Steve Lucas

This brand new title is designed to complement both the RYA Sea Survival Course and the ISAF Offshore Course.

This book is ideal and essential for anyone taking to the seas, whether on a motor or sailing vessel, and gives in-depth advice and information on safety at sea.

RYA Sea Survival Handbook will teach you all you need to know about preparing to go to sea, emergency procedures, safety equipment, life-saving signals, handling heavy weather and choosing the most suitable life jacket or buoyancy aid.

Providing the most up to date information on all the above items, this book is written by Keith Colwell, RNLI Sea Safety Co-Ordinator and is impeccably illustrated by Steve Lucas.

Colwell is in a strong position to write about these matters; following lengthy stints on a range of boating magazines, he is currently employed by the RNLI as a divisional sea safety officer, providing training to a team of RNLI volunteer safety advisors.

This comprehensive and well illustrated guide takes you step by step through all aspects of sea safety, from kitting your boat out, right through to correct procedures for abandoning ship.

The text is enlivened by a number of fascinating real life examples of boaters dealing with emergency situations.

The introduction stresses that boating is one of the safest leisure sporting activities, however we all know that at sea there is always the potential for danger. This can almost always be offset by careful preparation, which is the message at the heart of this book. Paperback. color diagrams & illustrations. 155pgs. Pub 2009.


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Disasters at Sea Stories

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