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    Ropes & Line Application

    Ultimate Tapered Mainsheet Ultimate Tapered Mainsheet This custom tapered mainsheet is designed specifically for opti racing. The sheet is narrow in both the tip and the tail to keep the sheet light and smooth through the blocks. The sheet bulges in the middle at the perfect place for upwind sheeting. This provides a comfortable hand grip where you need it most and a nice feel to the rest of the sheet.

    Ultimate Tapered Mainsheet
    #HRMTOPTI $64.00

    Racing MainsheetRacing Mainsheet7mm Anti-Kink, Silver/Orange

    #ds7 $1.05

    Painter AB-6YPainter AB-6Y6mm ALB Yellow Float

    #HRAB6Y $0.28

    Boom Preventer OC-3YBoom Preventer OC-3Y3mm SK75 Yellow

    #HROC3Y $0.18

    Vang RS-4BLUVang RS-4BLU4mm SK75 Blue

    #HRRS4BLU $0.42

    Outhaul RS-4OOuthaul RS-4O4mm SK75 Orange/White

    #HRRS4O $0.42

    Mast Tie OC-3BLUMast Tie OC-3BLU3mm SK75 Blue

    #HROC33BLU $0.38

    Sail Ties DC-2GRNSail Ties DC-2GRN1.7mm SK75 Green

    Sprit Control Line DC-4RSprit Control Line DC-4R4mm SK75 Red

    Bridle OC-3GRYBridle OC-3GRY3mm SK75 Dk. Gray

    #HROC3GRY $0.38

    Utility SDH-4WUtility SDH-4W3.8mm 12 strand Dyneema

    #sdh4w $0.88