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Hook n Moor 2 Meter Telescopic Boat Hook

A unique innovation. The Hook & Moor boats hook helps you thread a mooring rope threw a mooring ring with a simple pull or push. Always ready to use. No loading, messenger or guide lines. Use the your real mooring line directly. Works as a ordinary boats hook when the hook head is in its locket position. Made in glass fibre reinforced PA 66 and forged aluminium. The telescopic versions becomes only 115cm in length when folded.

Hook n Moor 2 Meter Telescopic Boat Hook
#HN70889804 $129.99

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The Hook & Moor boat hook helps thread lines through hard-to-reach mooring balls and post rings. Always ready, it allows the use of the boat’s own mooring line for direct one step tie-ups without using a messenger or guide-line. It also works as a regular boat hook when the hook’s head is in the locked position. The benefit of the Hook & Moor boat hook is that it pulls the mooring rope through the ring and back onto the boat in one motion without having to reach dangerously far overboard. Just place the eye of the dock line in the carabiner of the Hook & Moor, reach down and pull the hook right through the cleat or mooring eye and bring the dock line back towards the boat to secure the line’s eye on the cleat.
    Step by step
  1. Release carabiner
  2. Place Eye of dockline in the carabiner. The quick release Carabiner quick gate opens out. The function is to prevent the carabiner from accidently hooking on to a mooring ring.
  3. Choose push or pull operation according to mooring situation. Carabiner must always point in opposite direction from hook mooring movement. Use the mooring line to control this.
  4. When operation is completed pull out the dock line from the carabiner and secure the line’s eye on the boats own cleat.
  5. If operation is failed, try to reverse. If it still hasn’t been released, simply drop the hook into the water. The hook floats, so you can always retrieve it when the situation is safe.

How it Works