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Harken Rigtune Pro
Digital Rig Tension Gauge

As stiffer hulls and low-stretch rigging provide a more reproducible and measurable environment, this innovative product helps sailors measure and fine-tune rigging with far greater accuracy.

Unlike inaccurate spring-loaded gauges, the Harken Rig Tune Pro measures rig tension to the nearest kilogram. As rigging is deflected over three pins on the back of the gauge, a load cell records the pressure on one of the pins. The measurement is displayed on a simple, easy-to-read screen. The RigTune Pro accommodates a specific range of rigging sizes (2.5-5mm), reducing the need for multiple gauges and eliminating conversion tables.

The Rigtune Pro is fully precalibrated
The gauge measures to the kilogram (SWL 500 kg) and reproduces fast settings accurately
Harken Rigtune Pro Case A large, simple digital display is easy to read and requires no guesswork
Stainless steel wire guides and cam resist deformation for accurate measurements every time
The splash-proof body of the Harken Rigtune Pro allows sailors to readjust their rigs on the water
Storage case included

No Longer Available

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