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Water Rescue Gear

Landfall Water Rescue Gear provides a wide range of high performance water rescue equipment and gear for swift water and ice rescue fire departments, police teams, and volunteer units.

Landfall Water Rescue Logos

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  • NRS Havoc Helmet

    NRS Havoc Helmet

    Available in: Yellow, Blue, Red, White, or Black
    Code: SNRS42604
  • Swiftwater Rescue Swim Fins

    Swiftwater Rescue Swim Fins

    Code: SNRS45202
  • NRS Reactor Rescue Gloves

    NRS Reactor Rescue Gloves

    Swiftwater rescue can be extremely cold and demanding work. That's why we made the NRS Rescue Glove extremely warm and tough. When lives are on the line, you'll want these gloves on your hands.
    Code: SNRS25032
  • NRS Workboot Wetshoe

    NRS Workboot Wetshoe

    NRS Work boot Wet shoe's are used by river professionals, rescue agencies and Navy SEALS, the NRS Workboot Wetshoe is the hardest-working river boot on the market today.
    Code: SNRS30037