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Rescue Rope Launching Gun

  • Easiest way to deploy a line over water or land
  • Ideal for water and technical rescue operations
  • Fast, accurate, and effective deployment using blank .22 caliber cartridges
  • Horizontal and vertical deployment options
  • Effortless in deployment of throw lines distances of 220' to over 300+' feet
  • Pistol grip handle, full length shoulder length stock construction
  • Reduced physical requirement for deployment
  • 2 projectile models - Long distance coated rigid aluminum and Buoyant light dense foam
  • Compact storage and transportation
  • Used by Fire & Rescue agencies

    Package Contains: (1) Rescue Rope Launching Gun, (1) center wound line, (1) long distance projectile, (1) foam projectile, and (100) re-arm blanks (Heavy Red Load), all in a water tight case.

  • Rescue Rope Launching Gun
    #ST38182 $595.00